Drill Deck

Freestyle Swimming Drill Deck for Triathletes


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Laps are boring. Swim workouts are confusing.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

There are those of us that dread our swim workouts. We love triathlon, we love the pursuit, the passion, and occasionally - yes - the pain. But the mental barrier of getting in that pool, staring at the black line, and pulling off that confusing workout set is more than we can take some days.

You don’t have to train like this. It can be better. Training can be fun, the pressure can be off, and you can still improve your swim times.

Get out of the water faster. Have confidence in your stroke. More importantly … enjoy your swim training.

It’s possible with Drill Deck.

Drill Deck

The convenient, waterproof, and fun training tool for swimmers and triathletes. Over 30 proven freestyle swim drills that work on speed, stroke, kicking, open water sighting, body position, and breathing. Endless variation of workouts thanks to the custom easy-to-read dice.

It’s as simple as 1,2,3 …

  1. Roll the Dice
  2. Draw a card for instructions or complete your laps
  3. Repeat

While the dice determine each set you swim, you control how far and how long every workout is. The good news is, this unique set-building technique means no two swim workouts will ever be the same again.

Included: 31 PVC Plastic Playing Cards with Detailed Drill Instructions & Tips, (2) 25mm Custom Dice, 1 Polyester Storage Bag. The whole thing fits easily in your pocket and weighs just a few ounces.

Throw Drill Deck in your swim bag and you’ll never be bored doing laps again. Even if you’ve never had to talk yourself into driving to the pool, you’ll appreciate having a library of drills always at your disposal.