Drill Deck


Triathlon Swim Start

Dive Right In!

I'm a triathlete. Like many triathletes, I struggle with the swim leg. So much so, that training felt like a chore on my swim days. I have one general rule in life: If it isn't fun, it isn't worth doing.

As you can tell, I had a problem. While I loved the variety and multi-disciplinary approach of triathlon, the swim was dragging me down.

I knew I could be a better swimmer by working on my form and spending more time in the pool altogether. But I get bored quickly. That's part of why I'm a triathlete! I like variety! Staring at a solid black line and trying to remember vague descriptions of swim drills just wasn't cutting it anymore. 

So now I had two problems:

1. I needed motivation to get into the pool more often.

2. I needed to work on my form, but didn't have the drills to do it.

That's when I had the idea for Drill Deck. It's a simple but powerful idea that puts over 30 swim drills in your pocket and shakes up your routine by adding an element of chance. 

I love that now an hour in the pool is a roulette of possibilities. I work on parts of my form that I would never have the discipline to seek out drills for and I have fun doing it. Every workout is different and has great variety.

My first prototype was laughingly crude, involving flash cards and packing tape. Since then, I've refined the product, and the drills, to include the best tools available. The whole product is water friendly. The cards are 100% plastic and the dice are custom fit to our purpose. Even the storage bag is a breathable nylon that dries quickly. 

My simple idea has now morphed into a team of folks helping me create even more awesome products. But for now, I'm proud to bring you the swimming Drill Deck.